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  • Bloody-tini

    Absolut Peppar, Bloody Mary Mix, lime, Sriracha, Worchestershire

    • Price$7.25
  • Plum Wine Sangria

    Plum wine, peach sake and brandy

    • Price$7.25
  • Asian Mojito

    Muddled Lemon, Orange and Mint with Simple Syrup, Absolut Pear and Hypnotiq

    • Price$7.25
  • Rising Sun Martini

    Sho Chiku Bai Nigori Sake, Grey Goose Vodka

    • Price$7.25
  • Dragon Fire Cosmo

    Absolut Mandarin, Cointreau liqueur, lime, Cranberry Juice

    • Price$7.25
  • Pink Lotus

    Beefeater, Pomegranate, Simple Syrup, lemon juice and Sierra Mist


    • Price$7.25
  • Black Cherry Blossom

    Bacardi Dragon Berry, Grape Pucker, Black Cherry, Chambord, Pinot Noir and Sierra Mist

    • Price$7.25
  • New York Sour

    Knob Creek Bourbon Whiskey, lemon juice, simple syrup with a Malbec float

    • Price$7.25
  • Chicken Lettuce Wraps

    Diced chicken, jicama, mushrooms and carrots served with hoisin sauce and lettuce cups

    • Price$7.95
  • Wok Sautéed String Beans

    Fresh string beans stir-fried with Zha Cai (Chinese pickled vegetables)

    • Price$4.95
  • Steak and Asparagus Rolls

    Fresh asparagus wrapped with thinly sliced New York Strip served with a honey & sake soy sauce

    • Price$7.50
  • Salt & Pepper Calamari

    Hand cut calamari tossed in garlic salt and served with sweet chili sauce

    • Price$6.95
  • Cheese Wontons

    Cream cheese, pineapple and shiitake mushroom, with sweet chili sauce

    • Price$5.95
  • Signature Lobster Tail

    Traditional Chinese style stir-fried lobster tail served in the shell

    • Price$13.95
  • Grilled Lamb Kabobs

    Lamb prepared with a spicy cumin dry rub, then drizzled with a sake soy sauce

    • Price$8.95
  • Rack of Shrimp

    Tempura battered shrimp tossed in an orange creamy sauce

    • Price$7.95
  • General Tso's Chicken

    Lightly breaded chicken breast with red potatoes in our homemade General Tso’s sauce with steamed broccoli

    • Price$14.95
  • Mandarin Mixed Vegetables

    Fresh tomatoes, snap peas, potatoes, mushrooms and cauliflower in sweet chili and garlic sauce

    • Price$10.95
  • Spicy Kung Pao Chicken

    Chicken breast with peanuts, bell peppers, onions, water chestnuts and mushrooms in our special Kung Pao sauce

    • Price$13.95
  • Orange Sesame Chicken

     Lightly breaded chicken breast with fresh oranges in our orange sesame sauce with toasted sesame seeds

    • Price$12.95
  • Wild Mushroom with Organic Tofu

    Fried tofu with white mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, brown mushrooms, straw mushrooms and bok choy in a savory brown sauce

    • Price$13.95
  • Sautéed Jumbo Shrimp

    Jumbo shrimp stir fried in a classic Chinese style white wine sauce with straw mushrooms, carrots, celery and snap peas

    • Price$14.95
  • Black Pepper Steak

    New York Strip, onions, mushrooms and bell peppers in our homemade black pepper sauce. Served on a homemade potato pancake

    • Price$15.95
  • Whole Grain Vegetarian Fried Rice

    Whole grain rice fried with egg and assorted vegetables

    • Price$10.95
  • Surf and Turf Roll

    Seared beef tenderloin on top with tempura lobster and shrimp on the inside

    • Price$20.95
  • Rainbow Roll

    Assorted fresh fish and avocado over a California roll

    • Price$12.95
  • Crab-Stuffed Avocado

    Kani salad wrapped with avocado drizzled with eel sauce and garnished with masago

    • Price$7.50
  • Jumbo Roll

    Deep fried salmon, asparagus, seaweed salad, crab meat and cream cheese

    • Price$13.95
  • Rock and Roll

    Snow crab, cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, and shrimp tempura

    • Price$12.95
  • Monster Roll

    Shrimp tempura, avocado, cream cheese inside, fried crab on top

    • Price$12.95
  • Mandarin Roll

    Crab, cream cheese and shrimp tempura inside, topped with spicy tuna

    • Price$12.95
  • Jalapeno Yellowtail

    Sliced yellow tail and jalapeño. served with sriiracha and ponzu sauce

    • Price$9.50





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